Timber Creek Needleworks is a newly opened needlework company owned by a husband and wife team, specializes in traditional and new techniques in 3-dimensional hand finishings.

Monday, July 28, 2008

TCN Website Accomplishment & Blog Info

I've made a lot of progress on TCN's website this weekend but I have yet to edit more photos.
This blog will play an important role on the TCN website as it will be linked to the Home page. It's a lot easier for me at the moment to frequently make the announcements here. The categories I have in mind are as follows:
  • News - just the traditional bloggin' posts.
  • Newsletters - you can either subscribe at the form provided at the TCN's Home page or just keep on checking out this site for juicy news.
  • Upcoming Designs - the stage of each new design will be under this category. Stitchers will be able to take a peek on what's happening on the design process.
  • Complimentary Designs - who doesn't want freebies? I have yet to convert some CP designs to PDF but will start to upload a freebie in jpeg file this week.
  • Stitcher Connection - the place where stitchers' works will be showcased. Exchanges in the future will be available here as well.

Happy Stitching to ALL!


Janet C said...

Congratulations, Lody.
Put me in your newsletter list.

ShannyK-L said...

Congrats Lody!! Put me in your newletter okies? Can I add your link to my blog?