Timber Creek Needleworks is a newly opened needlework company owned by a husband and wife team, specializes in traditional and new techniques in 3-dimensional hand finishings.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

About TCN

Timber Creek Needleworks (TCN) is a newly opened counted thread design company that focuses on traditional and historically inspired designs with out-of-the-frame finishings. It is a family business owned by a husband and wife team. I do all the technical stuff, while my husband Steve is in charge of shipping the orders and at times, a creative consultant.

I am the designer, stitcher and finisher behind TCN. I do 100% of the work on the models. Although I was introduced to needlework at early age, I only had time to really enjoy stitching upon arrival in US in the summer of 2004. Since then, I seldom let a day pass without a needle between my fingers. What started as a hobby to ease boredom, has become a passion. I love to experiment on various 3-D finishing and keeps on developing new techniques for hand-finishing. This has opened the door to the world of design. Within the last year, my finishing projects have been published in a prestigious stitching magazine, TGOSM, and my original designs are being featured this year. I also did some model stitching and finishing for a needlework shop, and most of my completed pieces in the past are now being enjoyed and treasured by wonderful collectors worldwide. For instance, one of my regular customer from Europe included my works on an exhibit organized by the organization she's into.

I have over 10 years of entrepreneurial skills with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from the Technological University of the Philippines in Manila. Prior to my arrival in US, I worked for an ISO Certified International Construction Firm. Below are some of the prestigious projects I handled:
  • Marco Polo Hotel - Davao City
  • Naguilian Bridge - Isabela
  • Legaspi Bridge - Samar Island
  • Landco-PDCP Corporate Center - Davao City
  • PLDT Cable Landing - Batangas
  • Skyway Project - Makati City
  • Minola Refining Plant - Batangas
  • Monte real Project - Davao City
  • NCC Bunker Oil Fuel Tank - Pangasinan
  • Robinsons Place Mall - Pasig City
  • Copra Storage Building - Davao City
  • Las Terrazas Community Clubhouse - Davao City
  • Ninoy Aquino International Airport III - Pasay City
  • Tarlac Metro Town Mall - Tarlac City
  • Ateneo de Davao Building - Davao City
  • Embassy Pointe Tower - Roxas Blvd., Manila
Most of the time, my job on the projects I was involved with includes:
  • preparing and submitting pre-bidding and bidding documents
  • quantity survey
  • purchase and finalize the contracts to major suppliers (i.e. steel & concrete) & manpower sub-contractors
  • coordinate the mobilization & demobilization of equipments and machines - including surveying the roads and find trailers & trucking company to be used
  • attend project meetings - just usually dealt with the project engineers & consultants on site
  • attend management meetings - with the top management levels of each company involved in the project, from owner to consultants to structural designers to architects to project managers
  • prepares accomplishment reports & cash-flow for the above-mentioned meetings
  • prepare billings and collect payments

Though my job description was Assistant Manager (Contracts) I was more of a marketing engineer and QS. I was flexible enough to do various tasks as I was the pioneer employee. During my first 2 years (1997 - 1999) in the company, my ex-boss who's an expat, spent more time abroad in our Singapore Head Office than in the Philippines. There were times that I had to do the marketing alone despite of being a newbie and he'll come back to our Makati Office with a new existing project. I had always been in-charge on the Import and Export Division as well. The equipments (i.e. cranes, BP machines, etc.) we used originated from Germany. I had to frequently coordinate with our "Purchaser" from Singapore HO the status of our equipments so they can order the parts for us in Germany. Not to mention I had to train all the new engineers and admin staffs in the office.

I miss my job and my busy life but I don't want to fully do the same old things again. A lot of pressures and stress were involved in my engineering profession. However, I was thankful I had the opportunity to experience all those coz I learned a lot on the "business" aspect. What I am now, a great motivator, was from my work experiences.

Due to my busy life ten years back, I never had the chance to stitch a small design, nor finish it into a 3-D. Stitching now plays a big part in my daily routine, it's like a medication I have to take to keep me going.

Steve has a passion for photography and his work mainly focuses on wildlife and nature. He is an artist in his own way and serves as the "Correction Officer" of TCN. He used to work as a photo journalist for a local newspaper and now part of an Engineering Team in an out-of-town Hotel & Casino.

We are both collectors of something small and unique items. Part of my collections, aside from needlework smalls, are tiny boxes and old-style pincushions. I love textures, color and shapes... they fulfill me with wonderful ideas that at times I wish I have extra hands to stitch even faster. I enjoy designing as much as I enjoy stitching and finishing... It is now one of my priority to further promote needlework, particularly hand-finishing so others can experience what a "small needlework" do to me... put a smile on my face.

To my fellow fabric and finger stabbers, and to non-stitchers who are reading this post, please join me in the beginning of the rest of my life.

Happy Stitching to All,


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