Timber Creek Needleworks is a newly opened needlework company owned by a husband and wife team, specializes in traditional and new techniques in 3-dimensional hand finishings.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Pagoda Pincushion From Bhooma

Another lovely pagoda from a lovely stitcher. Not only Bhooma stitched this piece using Vikki Clayton threads, she also gave this as a surprise gift to Vikki for her new shop. Isn't that sweet? Her thread color choice reminds me of a french-style piece. Thanks so much for sharing your lovely work Bhooma.
July Pagoda Pincushion
Stitched by Bhooma of USA for Vikki

Have a great stitching day everybody!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Server Upgrade On Lody's Creations Shop

Our web hosting provider will have a server upgrade and/or servicing on September 10th and 19th, 2009... for about 3 hours per provider advised. Should you encounter problem viewing the website on those dates, please come back on the following day.

Lody will be out of the country starting end of September 2009 therefore only available PDF pattern orders will be processed. Other orders will be processed and shipped when she return. Please do not hesitate to send email for queries and check our blog often for further details and announcements.
Thank you!