Timber Creek Needleworks is a newly opened needlework company owned by a husband and wife team, specializes in traditional and new techniques in 3-dimensional hand finishings.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

TCN Website Problem

I'm starting to have a panic attack here. lol I was so happy after uploading TCN website files yesterday but when I tried to check its presence on the world-wide-web, the web address is not working.:( All the while I thought TCN website will be available today... as planned, but as the saying goes, things doesn't go as plans sometimes.

After trying as much resources as I can, I finally decided to send my host server an email this morning. I just recieved an email from them and was advised my letter will be forwarded to their technical department. Hope that I'll hear from them the soonest.
Moreso, I have no choice but to incorporate Timber Creek at Lody's Creations website for now. That's what I've been doing since this morning. I can only hope that everything will be in order soon.
I will try to post as much photos of models here so you can start browsing. Happy stitching to all!

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